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Sandown Mother's Club

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Total Raised in

2001 $2325

2002 $1645

2003 $2390

2004 $1837

2005 $1758

2006 $2637

2007 $3010


       Old Home Days Events in August

Bake Off and Auction

Frog Jump

Adult and Children’s Raffle


Ice Coffee


Toy Sale in December (Santa Sale):

        Collect, Clean and resell Donated Toys

        Cookie walk

        Baked Goods

        Greens Sale

Pictures with Santa

2008 santa sale totals: $1059 toys, $789.50 greens


Kids Events

Playgroups Scheduled at Monthly Meeting usually 10am -12pm or 1-2pm

Fitness Playgroups in the warm months



Outings to local farms, museums, etc

Holiday Parties


School Vacation Entertainment for the Community

April Vacation at town hall like Wilf Life Encounters Zoo or singing entertainers like Steve Blunt.


Couples Nights



Holiday Party


Mom’s Night Out!!!!

3rd Friday night of each month we get together for socializing and possibally a little song or two:)



Monthly Meetings - 2nd Monday at 7:30 (7:00 social time)

Organize Events

Support and Questions

Guest Speakers (varies)

Distribute funds to charities etc.

Library bin available (members donate books on parenting etc. and others can take them out)


Road Side Clean-up

Sponsor RTE 121A

We try to do our first road clean up on/around Earth Day.    We need 4 people minimum to hold a road clean-up.

We clean up from the library to Little Mill Road.  We uaually start at 7:30am and meet at the library.  It usually take us 1-1 1/2 hours depending on how much trash there is and how many people can do it. We split up the people and do both sides of 121A at the same time. It would be great if each person can do at least 1-2 road cleans ups per year. We do 2 each year.  Bring a pair of gloves. We don't pick up glass, cigarettes or anything gross.  The NH DOT provides trash bags, orange vests and sign.  Kids cannot come because we are working on the side of the road.

Bread & Care

Provide meals for the community and members in need, including birth, death, illness, etc.


Support other community groups

Provide food for Blues Concert for Historical Society past 2 years

Provide food and input to Community Recreation Department’s Senior Luncheon

ACS Breast Cancer walk team 2003

Sandown Memorial Day Parade & Service



Some Past Charities include:

Sandown Baseball

Sandown Food Pantry

St. Annes Food Pantry

Sandown Public Library

Sandown Fire Department

Sandown Explorers

Community Profile Project

Lions Club

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer

Cystic Fibrosis

Alzheiemr’s Association

American Heart Association

Liz Holland Memeorial Fund

Newborns in Need

Katrina Victims


And much more!



Trash Pick up on Rt. 121A
Convicts?...No it's the Mother's Club!

The Sandown Mother's club has sponsored at team for the Timberlane Youth Soccer league 2007 Fall Season.  The team is in the under 6 division and coached by two of the Mom's Club dads.  This division, a 4 on 4 format, is organized as a fun way to introduce the children to the sport.
Here's the Sandown Mother's Club team warming up before a big game


2009 Halloween Playgroup

The Sandown Mother's Club is basically a part civic and part social group. We are real flexible about the club because we are all Mother's of small children. Do we need say more....... We try and socialize our kids and have a little time to ourselves too.  It's a great way to meet other people, network and make connections.  The members are all quite different from working full time, or part time or staying at home full time.  If you want to learn more just ask someone in the group at our next event or email us at to come to a play group or any other event.