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Sandown Mother's Club


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Our current group consists of the following Sandown Moms!

Michelle Aprahamian
Josee Archer (VM)
Samantha Borbone (Pres)
Andrea Cairns (Co-VP)
Natasha Carter (Playgroup Coord.)
Rachel Deveau (VM)
Joanne Ermer-Rothstein
Angela Fiore
Vicki Gamez (VM)
Alex Haig
Allison Kellerman
Renee Lecain (VM)
Gloria Loik
Sheila Longchamps
Dawn Mazur (Press Coordinator)
Pamela McGravey  (Treasurer)
Trina Morasse (Co-VP)
Mary Munsell
Mary Poulin (Sec)
Melissa Ryder (Membership Coordinator)
Caroline Segovia
Janet Stammley
Kate Winter (VM)
VM= Volunteer Mom
Volunteer Moms still help the group when possible and get the meeting minutes but could not participate in regular activities due to their schedule changes, family change or other major changes.  They cannot vote or decide where donations should go but can participate in all other events. Dues still apply ($12/year).
Former Presidents:  Jackie Blanc, Sheila Longchamps, Michelle Aprahamian
Duties of Officers:
President: Writes agenda for monthly meetings, PO box, set up guest speakers for meetings, reserve Town Hall for events, keeps tabs on general schedule, etc.
Vice President: Social coordinator, coordinates road side trash pick up
Treasurer: Controls check book, ledger, checks for donations,
Secretary: Writes meeting minutes
Press Release Coordinator:  Writes press releases for newspapers, posts flyers, etc.
Membership Coordinator: Updates membership list, bread & care list, checks our email, contact for potential new members, etc.
Playgroup Coordinator: Make sure there are playgroups when our meeting are canceled due to bad weather.  Keep members informed about kids activities and events in the area.
Web Master:  Updates our website

Some of our hard working ladies.......
Joanne, Michelle & Renee at Old Home Days

Welcome New Members
and new babies!
Welcome Alexandea Haig and Gloria Loik!!!