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Sandown Mother's Club

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2009 Halloween Playgroup

Annual Events - see below for details of each event
January-  Couples Night Out to celebrate the New Year
February-  School Vacation Entertainment (Zoo show or musician)
March-  Memorial Day Parade
April-  Officer Elections    (club dues collected)
May-  Mother's Day Breakfast
         Trash Pick Up (on 121A)
July-    Beach Day or Lake Day with Kids
           Camping Trip
August- Old Homes Day Booth, Froj Jump, Bake-Off
September- Apple Picking with the Kids
                   Trash Pick Up (on 121A)
                   Winter Coat Drive (kids)
October- Halloween Party (Open to Public)
November- Wreath Decorating Party and Collect Toys for Santa Sale
December-  Santa Sale (Toy Sale) and Greens Sale
Sandown Mother's Club Santa Sale and Greens Sale

The Santa Sale will take place on the 1st Saturday of December at Sandown's Town Hall.   The sale is open to the public at 8:30am.

For those that do not know, a Santa Sale is a sale of gently used toys all cleaned and inspected by the Mother's Club.   All toys are donated by local residents and all profits go back to the community.   The event includes our annual greens sales, featuring hand-decorated wreaths (we do the decorating ourselves) and kissing balls.   There will also be a cookie walk.  For a nominal fee you can fill a coffee can full of homemade Christmas cookies and not have to bake this year!

Each member of the club helps collect toys from specific locations and stores them until the sale set up the day before the sale.  We all work the whole day at the sale. We also get first pick of the toys while collecting or setting them up!

Old Home Days Bake-Off, Raffle and Booth

The Mothers Club has a booth each year at Sandown's Old Home Days event. We sell Ice Coffee, raffle tickets and popcorn.  We also have our famous Bake-Off!  Submit your favorite recipe or buy the winning baked goods at the auction after the judging! We donate all the proceeds to local charities or people in need.  We also work this whole day and are usually done by 3:00. 

Bake-Off Winners from Old Home Days 08 

(judged on taste, presentation and creativity)
Adults Pies 1st place to 3rd: Strawberry Blueberry Rhubarb pie by Jim Zanello,Apple Struessel pie by Jen Dube and Freesh Strawberry Pie by Jen Dube;
Adult Cakes: Chocolate Peanut butter Cupcake by Alyssa Kontos, Rum Cake by Cindee Tanuma,Triple Chocolate by Jen Dube;
Adult Breads: Lemon Bread by Jen Dube, Applesauce Quickbread by Audrey Walker, Gingerbread Men by Taylor Mitchell; Kids (under 13) Cakes: Emily's Excllent Earthquake Cake by Emily West Geary, Carmameel Cake by Riordan West Geary, Triple Chocolate by Phoebe West Geary; Kids Cookies etc.:Sunshine Cupcakes by Shane Dube, Peanutbutter Surprise Cookies by Shane Dube, Sugar Cookies in Dump Truck by Nicola Borbone and Rebecca Longchamps. 


Annual Camping Trip To Branch Brook (Campton, NH)

Last year we had 6 family's go camping. Some in tents, some in campers.  They have a pool so we could all cool off!


Self Defence Class, Natasha Breaking a Board

Upcoming Events

Coat Drive
Sandown Residents don't donate your kids outgrown coats to Good Will yet!  The Sandown Mother's Club will be having a baby and kids coat drive this Fall for the Winter season.  We are taking donations of  baby bunting to kids coats up to pre-teen sizes. If you must get rid of them now we will take them now. Email Janet  at   If not hold on to them and look for drop off locations in this Fall.  Please run the  coats through the  washer before donating. Thank you.  For information about the Sandown Mother's Club visit

Recent Events:
The Club hosted a Meet & Greet in October for the local children and moms.   The event was a Spooktacular Halloween Playdate.   The party included pumpkin decorating, cookie decorating, crafts, story time, and a costume parade.   See our slideshow for some pictures from the event.
The Sandown Mother's club loaded up the children and headed out for apple picking at Smolak Farms, in North Andover.   Both the mothers and kids had a great time picking apples and enjoying the farm animals.
Here's a pick of some children taking a break after picking.


Parenting Workshop sponsored by the Sandown Mothers Club

The Sandown Mothers Club sponsored a parenting workshop on August 28th @ 7:00 pm at the Sandown Town Hall.    The workshop, An Introduction to Redirecting Children's Behavior; was conducted by Marybeth Bush, Director of RCB of Greater Boston.    All attendees learned helpful techniques for positive reinforcement and discipline.

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