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Sandown Mother's Club

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Info for our newest members

Baby Book Program
                                    Babies up to one year of age are eligible to participate
                                    in the Baby Book 
                                    Program.  The process is as follows:
                                    1.The mother chooses a book for her child.
                                    2.The mother confirms with the Sandown Library that the library doesn’t 
                                    currently own the book.
                                    3.The Sandown Library will order two books, one for the child, and one for the 
                                    library to be donated in the child’s name.
                                    4.When the book comes in, the library will give the mother her child’s book 
                                    and an invoice to be paid by the Mothers’ Club treasurer.
Dues are $12/year collected in April.  
To stay active you must partisipate regulary in monthly
                                    meetings, Old Home Days, Santa Sale and road clean up. See the events page and Club Overview
                                    for info on those events:)

Bread and Care
A quick explanation of what Bread and Care is for our newer members:  When there is a significant event for one of our members (i.e., a new baby, a death, an illness) we choose 3 members to provide "Bread and Care" for them.  It typically consists of bringing over a meal for the member and her family.  It's one less meal they have to worry about.   I have the list and just rotate the names as things come up.

New Members:  Let us know if we should add any other info here to make it easier to find out what we're all about.